Look at this fucking Gothic Revival
Look at that fucking pointed arch. Look at those goddamn lancet windows. It's Gothic as fuck in here.
11:29am virtual-artifacts:

This carved and stained ivory netsuke is in the form of an octopus caught in an octopus trap.
Signed Ohara Mitsuhiro and Kaigyokusai Masatsugu
Edo Period,  ca. 1825-1875, Japan
Height 2,9 cm.
6:02am magictransistor:

Leonora Carrington, Pastoral, 1950.
10:10pm blastedheath:

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Dora Maar en forme d’oiseau, 1941. Graphite on paper, 31.2 x 23.8 cm.

on a picasso kick tonight
9:36pm milkyphonemes:

Goodbye josephine
9:35pm fuckyeahpreraphaelites:

Portrait of Rosalind, Edward Robert Hughes
9:16pm suzannedb:

Auguste Rodin, Danaïde, 1884

Always makes me think of alexander wedderburn
9:09pm blue-voids:

Egon Schiele - Study of a Couple, 1912
9:07pm discardingimages:

Initial ‘D’[eus] Pontifical, France 13th century.
Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 144, fol. 79r
8:59pm oldbookillustrations:

On the bed (first state).

Jean-Louis Forain, from Jean-Louis Forain, aquafortiste (Jean-louis Forain as etcher) vol. 2 part 1, by Marcel Guérin, Paris, 1912.

(Source: archive.org)
5:38pm escarabaja:


the unicorns & the ghost in the wall, leonora carrington
12:36am nataliakoptseva:

Salvador Dali
12:33am venusmilk:

Tamburlaine illustrated by Harry Clarke
12:31am thesnicketfile:

Lemony Snicket trying to climb a rainwater pipe. Photo by Meredith Heuer.
"If you put your mind to something, make sure the something is worth it." —Lemony Snicket